Olaf Heine, einer der bedeutendsten Fotografen Rammsteins, wird am 14. Oktober 2021 ein Buch veröffentlichen, das ausschließlich der Band gewidmet ist. 364 Seiten werden 25 Jahre Zusammenarbeit nachvollziehen und es uns so ermöglichen, zum größten Teil unveröffentlichte Fotos zu betrachten.

Derzeit ist das Buch nur in Englisch verfügbar. Ob es auch eine deutsche Version geben wird, ist unklar.

As massive and spectacular as the band itself, this celebration of all things Rammstein features the impeccable work of German photographer Olaf Heine.

Arguably the most exciting live musical act in the world, Rammstein has been playing together for more than 25 years– and Olaf Heine has been photographing them every step of the way. This massive and gorgeously produced celebration of the band features exquisite, mostly unseen images from every aspect of their decades-long history. There are, of course, dozens of concert shots featuring fireballs and fire- consuming costumes in enormous arenas packed to the gills with ramped-up fans. But Heine also ventures beyond the stage with individual portraits of the band, stripped of stage makeup and machinery; domestic scenes from their native Germany, and intimate glimpses inside the recording studio. One of the world’s most sought-after photographers, Olaf Heine also creates masterful still-lifes and landscapes that give context and contour to the band’s hard-living image. Fans will pore over close-ups of the complexly constructed costumes, outré stage props, and other artifacts that can’t be appreciated from the stadium floor. Rounding out the volume are texts from the band members themselves. The book that millions of fans have been waiting for, this love letter delivers–in true Rammstein fashion–all they could want, and more.


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